25 Best Unblocked Music Sites 2021: Listen Songs Online

Are you a student at a school or college and listening and exploring music is your favorite pass time? Annoyed whenever you want to listen to music at your school and the website just never allows access? You don’t need to worry! In this article, we are presenting you with the best Unblocked Music websites of all time.

Research shows that music helps relieve stress and anxiety, so we can say music is an incredible remedy for young minds and hence, why the young generation always has their earplugs or AirPods on listening to music, trying to relax their minds, using music as an escape from their everyday hectic lives. So now you can enjoy and explore music for free without having to pay for anything. At your convenience! If you want to know how you can do that. Go through this article.

25 Best Unblocked Music Sites

If the above sites were not sufficient for you, here are some more:

  1. Soundzabound
  2. SoundCloud
  3. AccuRadio
  4. PureVolume
  5. Playlist Sound
  6. World Music Network
  7. WolfGang’s
  8. LovMusicDept
  9. NoiseTrade
  10. SongArea
  11. Bandcamp
  12. MP3Juices
  13. CC Trax
  14. StoryBlocks
  15. HulkShare
  16. Radio.com
  17. TuneInRadio
  18. MGC Radio
  19. Spotify.com
  20. BlueBeat
  21. LiveXLive
  22. 8Tracks
  23. eMP3
  24. GrooveShark
  25. NiceCream

Free Unblocked Music Websites in 2021

Looking for unblocked music sites? Mentioned below is the answer you need. Explore these websites to surpass restrictions at your school or college

1. Soundzabound

You are going to love this if you are a student a look for a music library at your school. Soundzabound is a unique educational music library. Its an officially authorized and licensed company to be allowed for schools and educational institutions. You can both download and listen to music.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud needs no introduction. You can even use SoundCloud outside of school since it is a really trendy and popular app for all kinds of music, with no bounds. Download or listen to the music of your choice on-tho-go with SoundCloud. You can even upload your own audio on SoundCloud for free.

3. AccuRadio

AccuRadio, as the name says is a radio-website with hundreds of stations you can enjoy great music at your college, university, school, or work completely free. Enjoy live radio at your school or college premises without any bounds or restrictions

4. Pure Volume

Gen-Z, this one is for you! PureVolume lets you enjoy your favorite music everywhere for free. PureVolume is known for its fondness of new age music. So listen to your favorite rap while you do your classwork!

5. PlaylistSound

PlaylistSound is known for its diversity of music. So if you’re not open to exploring new music and want to stick to your favorite genre, you can enjoy it on PlaylistSound without any hassle.

6. World Music Network

World Music Network is exactly what it claims. It is your own world of music, with all the genres available on their platform. Enjoy soothing music while at work/college/university.

7. Wolfgang’s

Enjoy world-class songs of world-class artists. Wolfgang’s allows you to listen to mesmerizing tracks on-the-go. It has the world’s largest collection of recordings. Enjoy original works of world artists on Wolfgang’s at your convenience. Stream and explore music for free with Wolfgang’s

8. LovmusicDept

Are you over mainstream popular and trending songs, and love enjoying indie music? Try LovmusicDept! LovmusicDept is known for supporting and promoting independent musical artists and lets you explore more of them on their platform. So don’t dwell over the songs you don’t like, and explore emerging talents on LovmusicDept

9. NoiseTrade

Even if you are not into music and love to read or listen to podcasts and audiobooks. NoiseTrade is for you! Enjoy thousands of audiobooks and music. Download audiobooks or music for free and enjoy anywhere, anytime.

10. SongArea

Die-hard music lover? Love meaningful music and enjoy them? SongArea not only plays music for you but also shows them lyrics along with them. So you not only enjoy the music but understand the beautiful lyrics of your beautiful favorite song.


Now you can enjoy unblocked music websites everywhere listening to and exploring music, thousands of genres of music online. Have no blocked website pop-ups no more! Relax your mind and get rhythmed in your soulful and relaxing music. Hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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