How To Remove Filmora Watermark for Free? [2021 Tricks]

We often come across some assignments or projects which require us to work with our editing skills, and after working on it for a long time it turns out that it has a big watermark of the video/image editing website you are using. And it is not very pleasant to work hard editing an image or a video and get your project ruined by a big watermark staring back at you. So in this article, we will discuss how to remove Filmora watermark from your images or videos.

How To Remove Filmora Watermark for Free?

Want to remove the Filmora watermark? If you are using Filmora to edit a video or image, there is a high chance you are facing this issue and admittedly, it gets irritating when you are trying to check the video or image after working on it for hours and the watermark is very distracting and killing the vibe of the entire video or image.

So to solve this issue for many people, we have listed down some ways you can get rid of those irritating watermarks.

1. Blur The Watermark

The easiest idea way how to remove Filmora Watermark is to blur the watermark, either with in-app tools or using some external websites to do so. Blurring the watermark will simply make it unclear and pixelated.

But this is quite a noob method to remove a watermark cause it doesn’t really “removes” the watermark, but only hides it behind the blur effect, and when someone will actually see the video/image, they will be able to make out that there was an existing watermark that has been blurred out.

This method isn’t really helpful when you are working on video or image projects for an organization or institution or any official establishment, as it is going to come off as unprofessional.

You can do this if you are trying to edit a home video or image or a personal video. It is to be noted that sometimes blurred effects can also be distracting in the video or image.

2. Crop The Watermark

Another easiest way how to remove a Filmora watermark is to crop it out of the video/image. This method is quite more helpful than blurring it out, as cropping really cuts out that part of the video or image and most probably people won’t be able to make it out if there is a cut that has happened.

There is one minus point of this method which is that in an attempt to crop the watermark out of the video or image will also chop out a valuable section of a video or image. This method won’t work if the watermark is covering a significant part of your project.

3. Replace The Watermark

If you have a watermark on your video or image on Filmora, you can try and place something else over the watermark to hide it. You can maybe try to import your own logo or watermark if you have any and place it on the Filmora watermark to hide it.

Remember, you need to place it in a way that would hide the Filmora watermark as the end result would look even more messed up and will ruin the image/video if there will be two visible watermarks.

4. Online Watermark Removers

There are many third-party apps and websites that claim to remove watermarks for you. This is one more way how to remove Filmora Watermark.

All you need to do is just upload the watermarked file on their website or app and they will detect the watermark by themselves and give back to you a clear image or video with no watermark. The thing to be noted is that every app or website works differently so make sure you are choosing the right one.


And with this, we have come to the end of this article. You can now continue editing your image or video without having the tension of an annoying watermark destroying your hard work as now you are aware of how to remove Filmora Watermark. There are many possible ways to get rid of it as mentioned in this article. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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