Netflix Bins 2021: How To Use Bins on Netflix? [Working List]

In today’s post, we will discuss how to use Netflix Bins to create a free account. It can get irritating sometimes when you sit with your friends and all they discuss who watched what on Netflix. “Did you watch the new episode of Stranger Things?” “I am currently binging on Schitt’s Creek!” “Oh! You need to watch American Murder. That is one of the best crime documentaries!” But here you are, without a Netflix account because you are tight on your budget this month! What a FOMO!

Well, what if we tell you, you could enjoy all the amazing series, movies, documentaries, and more without paying a penny? “No! I don’t want to download or watch it on any shady website that requires you to complete shady tasks and stream shows in low quality” We are not going to suggest you some shady website, but your very own Netflix! We are just going to instruct you with some cute hacks that will get you your very own Netflix Premium account in minutes using the Netflix BINs method.

What Is BIN?

Not aware of what BIN is? BIN stands for Bank Identification Number which a six-digit number on a credit card. The initial four digits of the BIN are the identification of the financial organization to which the card belongs. BIN is very essential in identifying threats and fraudulent activities.

1. What Is The Netflix BINs Method About?

Talking about how this method works, so there are many unprotected Netflix BINS available on particular sites on the internet that can contribute to getting hands-on any premium or free trials of Netflix without having to pay anything.

Hence, allowing us to stream Netflix for free.  Now when you are aware of how this works, it is time to know about how you can get your own Netflix BIN!

How To Create Your Own Netflix BIN?

If you want to create your own Netflix BIN, there are many websites that help you generate it. Below we have listed a short instruction on how you can do it.

  • Firstly, visit on any web browser.
  • Enter a BIN Number in the empty field.
  • Simply, click on Generate.
  • Now, you will be bombarded with many working BINS.

How To Use BINs For Netflix?

Now when you know about Netflix BINs and how to generate them, it’s time to know how to actually use the BINs and you don’t need to baffle by the instructions as we have tried to make it as clear as possible below. Go through the step-by-step instructions.

Do let us know in the comment section if you find any of the steps unclear. We need to go through the process of generating a fake credit card number to bypass Netflix’s payment gateway section and grab a Premium account on that.

  • First of all, visit any credit card number generator website on any web browser.
  • Simply, enter the BIN in the empty field.
  • You may change the CVV and Expire Date if you wish to.
  • Now, click on Generate Card button.
  • Now, you need to identify a live credit card.
  • For that, you need to visit any Credit Card Checker Website.
  • Paste your newly generated Credit Card.
  • Keep looking unless you find a live credit card.
  • Visit Netflix Official Website.
  • Try signing up for a free trial.
  • Choose Credit Card as the payment method.
  • Now, simply paste your live credit card.
  • And you’re done! You have successfully got yourself a Netflix Premium.

List of Working Netflix BINs 2021

Here is a list of working Netflix Bins for 2021.

BIN‎: ‎469897765xxxx64x
IP: ‎Salvador
Date: ‎08/21

BIN‎ 443078xxxxxxxxxx
IP New York
ZIP Code 10001 / 10070 / 10002 / 10011

BIN‎ 522334xxxxxxxxxx

BIN‎ 539150xxxxxxxxxx
IP USA / Australia
Via PayPal

BIN: 437133xx8xx8xx92
EXP: 12/21
CCV: 983

BIN 534417xxxxxxxx
IP: USA / Australia
Any VPN / Browser

BIN 37479000489xxxx
ZIP 10001

BIN 551128xxxxxxxxxx

BIN 4284555644xxxxxx
IP NewZealand

BIN: 495971x3xxxxxxx6
EXP: 04/19
CCV: 483

BIN: 37479000489xxxx
ZIP 10001

BIN: 551128xxxxxxxxxx

BIN: 4284555644xxxxxx
IP NewZealand

BIN: 495971x3xxxxxxx6
FECHA: 04/19
CCV: 483


You don’t need to compromise on your entertainment anymore, use the Netflix BINs method to grab a free premium Netflix account and enjoy non-stop streaming without getting a hole in your pocket. If you have any queries regarding this article comment below and let us know.

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