How to Turn Off OK Google? [2 Simple Methods]

Google Assistant can prove to be an asset for your smartphone as well as smart home devices. However, sometimes it starts annoying you a lot by randomly popping up here and there. In this case, you’d find yourself googling how to turn off OK Google. Luckily, we understand your situation.

In this post, I will guide you on how to turn off Google Assistant using two simple methods. After applying either of the methods, you will not be annoyed by Google’s “smart” voice assistant. But, you can also make it work whenever you need it.

What is OK Google?

Our smartphones working on our voice commands is one of the greatest features added. OK Google, that is Google’s voice-command-based assistance service, was introduced in order to make it easier for the users to operate the phone only by saying a few words, it is like having a personal assistant.

The artificial intelligence-based google assistant can perform a huge range of activities only by detecting the commands made by the owner in the form of speech.

What are the Functions of OK Google?

The very basic functions often used by android users through google assistance are web searches, set alarms, call contacts, create events on the calendar, activate reminders, take a note, and so on. Voice commands also make it easy for the users to perform a different range of activities when occupied in some other important activities.

For example, you can make a call simply by using the google voice command while driving but can still keep the eye on the road. Or, a user can check recipes or even have google read the recipe out loud while cooking, that too not getting the phone covered by flour or spices. So, it is understandable that google assistance can be beneficial in most cases. 

Why do you need to turn off OK Google?

In today’s android powered smartphones google voice assistance can be termed as the most powerful feature of all kinds of artificial assistance found in smartphones. Google assistant is immensely beneficial as it makes certain jobs easier such as searching, calling, setting alarms, etc. Despite being great and pretty useful, the google assistant needs to be turned off at times.

You may need to turn it off when you are not willing to use it anymore or it is causing any kind of inconvenience. If you do not want your smartphone to react to your voice commands or if you want to stop your phones permanently from saving calendar dates or make calls misinterpreting your commands then you must turn off your OK Google assistance.  

2 Best Methods to Turn Off OK Google

There can be various reasons for people to stop using google voice commands for various reasons. Some examples include- people who do not understand the procedure to keep control over voice commands, whereas some people do not like the idea of their phone listening to their voice in order to perform a task.

The good thing is turning off OK Google won’t stop your phone from listening to your voice. Instead, it will prevent the OK Google assistance to react to the voice commands. Here are the 2 simple methods that you can try to disable Google’s voice assistance on your device.

Method-1: Disable OK Google Assistance & Voice Match

Follow these steps in order to disable OK Google assistance to make Google stop listening and reacting to the voice commands. This would make it easier for you to handle your smartphone without worrying about getting some task done by google against your will or unknowingly.

  • Open the Google application.
  • Click on the icon appearing three horizontal lines.
  • Then click on Settings.
  • A new screen with new options appear.
  • Under Settings, click on the Google Assistant option.
  • From the Settings menu click on the Device icon
  • Next tap on Phone.
  • Options to turn off Access with Voice Match will appear on the screen. This is the feature that always listens for OK Google.
  • Finally, turn the toggle off.

Voice match being turned off would stop OK Google from listening and reacting to the voice commands but your phone will be able to react to your voice commands if there are any other AI-powered applications installed in the phone. 

Method-2: Deny Google of Microphone Permission

A better way to stop Google from spying on the microphone is to deny the access of OK Google assistance to the microphone. Follow these steps to permanently disable microphone permission to google:

  • Go to settings by tapping on the settings icon.
  • Tap on the icon specifying Apps.
  • A new page will appear showing all the default apps and also installed apps. 
  • From there find, and click on Google.
  • The page for the google application will open.
  • From the new page tap on App Permissions.
  • A menu of different permitted traits will appear on the screen, from the options tap on the Microphone option.
  • Next, tap on ‘Deny.’
  • Then a popup message will appear on the screen showing the message “if you deny the permission, basic features of your device may no longer function as intended”.
  • Below the message, two options will be shown ‘cancel’ and ‘deny anyway’.
  • Tap on deny anyway. 

By this means you can completely stop your microphone to catch comments you make and channelize it to the OK Google feature. Thus your OK Google feature will no kore operate on itself unless you again grant the microphone permission to Google. 

Final Words

The growing use of technology is very useful but can be pretty nose poking at times. Similarly, “OK Google” is useful but can be very annoying at times. This is how you can turn it off to maintain your peace of mind and protect your privacy.

That’s all for this article. Hope you found the ways to turn off OK google useful and could successfully accomplish the aforementioned task using the article.

Please feel free to use to comment section in case you want to make any suggestions and also kindly share your experience if you have found it helpful in this article.      

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