How to Trade on Roblox? [Easy Guide for Beginners]

Roblox is a popular and engaging virtual gaming space that allows you to play or create numerous 3D games. Roblox trading is a very exciting part of this game. If you have just joined Roblox, you might be eager to know how to trade on Roblox.

Eventually, you will start seeking help from fellow players, which might not be enough to explain to you the process. This article is solely created to accustom you to the detailed process of Trading on Roblox. The steps mentioned here will be more than enough to learn Roblox training.


What does it mean to Trade on Roblox?

In general life, when we practice the “process of trading a product or service in exchange of money, or equivalent product or service” is called trading. Trading on Roblox is just as same. Here, trading consists of exchanging items and Robux (in-game currency) with other players on Roblox.

Items on Roblox are divided into 2 categories- 1) Limited and 2) Limited U (U stands for Unique). You can trade your spare items to earn Robux. You can also trade spare items to gain the most sought after items including some rare ones.

If you are a newbie, it is necessary for you to understand the Roblox trading system in order to move forward in-game and make your experience fun. Here is the complete modus operandi of performing the trading activity.

Why is trading recommended on Roblox?

Since Roblox is now allowing users to take hold of multiple copies of the same item, it becomes easier for you to trade those extra items for other exclusive items you want.

Trading on Roblox can strengthen your chance of acquiring rare items easily. On top of that, you can even get top-ranked items at low prices. Given all the perks, trading is the most recommended activity on Roblox.

Roblox Trading Guide for 2021

If you want to learn how to trade on Roblox, I have made this simple guide for you. Everything that is essential to know about trading on Roblox is available here. Just go through it and you’ll be able to get the most fruitful trades on Roblox.

How to be Eligible to trade items on Roblox?

Every player can participate in Trading on Roblox, but you have to fulfill some requirements in order to do so. Here are the requirements.

Become a Comrade/Member of anyone Builder’s Club:

In order to become a member of a Builder’s Club, you will need to subscribe to a Builder’s Club by paying a fee. The subscription fee starts from a minimum amount of $5.95 and can shoot over $100.

Trade accessibility should be activated on your as well as the player’s account with whom you wish to engage in trading activity:

To activate this feature, you should go to the Privacy tab of your account settings. There you will find the trading accessibility menu which you should activate.

Above mentioned are a couple of common requirements which you must fulfil in order to be able to trade Roblox.

The Procedure of trading on Roblox.

Trading on Roblox is quite an easy activity for regular users. However, for newcomers, I would recommend following all the steps mentioned in this article to perform it with ease.

Step-1: Log in to access your Roblox account as usual through your preferred browser. Reach out to the player’s profile you wish to engage in trade with.

Step-2: On the top right corner, you will find a 3-dots button. Once you click on it, a menu will pop-up.

Step-3: A new page will open once you click on the trade items button on the pop-up menu.

You are now in the Trade window. All your items and the items of the user you are trading, will be visible in this window. Select the items which you wish to trade by simply clicking on them. You can choose the items that you want to take in for those you want to trade away.

The items involved in trading will be visible in two different lists. The “Your offer” list will include the items that you want to trade away, whereas “Your Request” list will include items that you want to trade-in.

Step-4: If you have any second thoughts, you can re-check your trade list. Once you’re satisfied with your list,you can click on “Send Request” button so that your offer will be placed.

Step-5: Now that you have successfully confirmed your trade offer, you will have to wait for the other player to respond. The trade offer will remain valid for 4 days. Within this period, the other player can respond by accepting or declining your request.

Things to Remember about Trading on Roblox

Here are certain things that you need to keep in mind while trading on Roblox:

  • If you, by mistake, click on an item that you don’t wish to trade away, you can easily remove that item from the trading list easily by just clicking on the remove button.
  • It is to be noted that you will be charged with a market fee of 30% if you wish to use Robux for the trade.
  • You can adjust your preference of whether if- you want to “trade an item for an item” OR “You want to use your Robux for an Item.

How to respond to a trade request (Accept, Decline, Counter)

Now that you have acquired yourself with the knowledge of sending trade request, you should also learn how to respond to trade requests. Whenever you receive a trade request, there are 3 ways in which you can respond. You can accept, decline or Counter. Counter option allows you to modify if you are unsatisfied. You can follow these steps to learn how to respond to a trade request.

Step-1: Whichever trade you wish to respond, just click on it.

Step-2: There, if you like the trade offer you Accept it. If you don’t like the offer you can Decline it.

Step-3: In case if you are unsatisfied with an offer you can Counter it and make changes according to your requirement. Once you make changes as your will, you can again place your offer.

How to Keep Track of your Trades on Roblox?

Roblox offers you a convenient way of viewing your trades that you have performed in the past or present. You can access your trade history by opting for the Trades button. The ollowing steps will help you to perform this action.

Step-1: Click on the menu on the left side, where you will find the trade button.

Step-2: Once you click on the Trade button, you will see drop-down options like InboundOutboundCompleted, and Inactive. You can check these lists to track all your trades.

Step-3: Now, simply click on the trade which you wish to check the details of.

Final Words

Trading is the most exciting feature on Roblox, however, you will have to carry out trades with calculative measures. Trading will help you earn rare and exciting items, which will make your collection look amazing and valuable.

That’s it for this one. I hope you find this article helpful.

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