How to Reset Google Chromecast? [Easy Guide]

Google Chromecast is a very useful casting device by Google. However, sometimes you may need to reset it due to a number of reasons. When this happens, you’d end up searching- “How to reset Google Chromecast?” or something like that. We have got you covered.

In this post, I will guide you on how to factory reset Google Chromecast using multiple ways. I will explain all the methods in a step-wise manner. So, you won’t find anything complicated here.

What is Google Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a device and system used to send things or data from one device to another. It allows you to convert any television which has an HDMI port into a smart television. With the help of Chromecast, you can do any work or watch anything which can be connected simultaneously with both tv and smartphone.

For example, doing homework with the help of your tv that can be controlled with your smartphone. Fortunately, it uses the Google cast protocol to get the content on our television.  It needs support from the devices that we are using. Devices like Amazon or Netflix or any kind of support.

While all supporting full HD content these models of Chromecast have gone progressively faster with the help of stronger wifi for a better connection and systematic and speedy work. When we aren’t streaming anything in Google Chromecast it simply provides a beautiful background for the desktop in Ambient mode.

What are the uses of Google Chromecast?

Since Google Chromecast is a casting device, the core function is to cast things from one device to another. You can customize Chromecast using a remote or the supporting apps or devices. For Chromecast and Chromecast audio devices, we can manage the settings through the help of the device setting menu.

You can use Chromecast to cast shows or pictures or videos from smartphone pads etc. We can also cast entire sites or tabs from the chrome browser on Windows computers. The main controller is the smartphone or a computer or a laptop.

Basically, it helps us to cast our television to enjoy our mobile apps on a big screen. We can also change our Chromecast’s name using the Google Home app. Browsing restaurants menus or flight prices or anything really on your phone. We don’t need to pay any subscription fees to use a Chromecast although you still have to pay for services like Netflix to access them.

How to Factory Reset Google Chromecast?

Chromecast permits you to communicate the chrome window to your TV or other display devices. However, sometimes it may malfunction just like any other hardware. Generally, the least demanding approach to fix any issue your Chromecast is having is to just reset it to factory defaults.

It is important to know that rebooting and resetting Chromecast are two different things. Rebooting innocuously closes down and restarts the Chromecast while resetting wipes all your user data and makes the Chromecast as though you just removed it from the case. 

You’ll have to set it up again a short time later, however that alone takes a couple of seconds. If you are experiencing issues with the devices, resetting will help instead of simply rebooting it.

Method-1: Reset Google Chromecast using the Reset Button

In the event that you need to do a factory reset, Google provides a physical reset button on both the versions of Chromecasts, so you can play out a factory reset without any problem. What’s more, paying little mind to which model you have, the cycle is the equivalent, making it significantly less difficult. 

The primary thing you’ll have to do is genuinely access the gadget. That implies pulling out the TV and burrowing around behind it.

Whenever you have the Chromecast close by—still connected to the power unit and TV, press the button on the unit for around eight seconds. The Chromecast’s pointer light will squint while you’re holding the catch, gradually from the outset, at that point quicker once it draws nearer to resetting. At the point when the light stops blinking and stays on statically, you can give up. The Chromecast will reboot and reset.

Method-2: Reset Google Chromecast using the Google Home App

In the event that you own a Chromecast, you without a doubt have the Google Home application, since that is needed to set the gadget up in any case. The reboot or reset measure is quite similar whether or not you’re utilizing iOS or Android, however normally the menus look somewhat changed.

Note: The main thing you’ll need to do is ensure your Chromecast is on and linked with the network. If you are using an AC connector connected to the divider, you shouldn’t have to have the TV turned on. But, if you are using it through a USB port on your TV, the set will probably have to be turned on before powering up the Chromecast.

Step-1: When the TV is switched on, open the Google Home application on your telephone or tablet and tap the “Devices” button located at the upper right corner of the screen.

In case you have numerous Google Cast gadgets, simply look until you discover the Chromecast you need to reboot or reset.

Step-2: Tap on the three-dab menu located at the upper right corner of the Chromecast card—it ought to show the very picture that is at present on your TV.

Step-3: Tap on the “Reboot” option if you desire to reboot the Chromecast. Tap on the “Settings” option in order to factory reset the Chromecast. Then click on the three-dab menu button located at the upper right corner of the screen and go to “Factory Reset”.

A pop-up will appear on your screen asking for confirmation. Tap “Ok” in order to proceed further. It might take a minute or two for the completion of a factory reset. Once it’s finished you’re good to go. 

Final Take

Resetting the Chromecast will fix all the existing issues, and you will be able to use it like new. However, if you are only experiencing minor issues, then you should try rebooting the device first. For that, just unplug it, keep it disconnected for a few minutes, and then reconnect it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you can proceed to reset Google Chromecast using any of these methods.

That’s it for this post. If you need to ask any questions or share experiences regarding Google Chromecast, you can use the comment box.

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