How To Reduce Lag On Roblox? [4 Ways]

Don’t you hate it when you are playing Roblox, and it starts lagging? Lag in any game can be extremely annoying. It can make the game harder to play, more challenging to interact with other players, considering Roblox is a multiplayer game. It also diminishes the graphic quality and user experience.

Well, there are always a lot of ways by which you can improve your experience playing the game without any lag. This run-through will discuss how to reduce lag on Roblox by a mere few steps.

How to Fix Lag on Roblox?

There is a delay in any online game due to internet issues or any other damages on the device—lagging results in a poor user experience for the player and the other teammates. Lagging in Roblox issues can be solved by fixing a server or other internal problems.

Lag on Roblox can be resolved in a few steps to improve a player’s performance in the game. You can reduce lag by checking your internet connection, reducing the graphics quality, or even deleting a few game structures.

  1. Reducing the graphics quality:

    • To launch any Roblox game, go to the official website and select any game that you want to play. After this, the game information will be displayed on the screen.

    • Click on the play button of the game you want to start playing. It is a green bar with a small triangle on it just right to the screen’s game image. It will eventually launch the game.
    • If you do not have the Roblox game installed on the system, there will always be a pop up on the screen for you to download. Click to download the game.

    • Press‘ ESC’ on your keyboard or the three horizontal lines on your screen’s left-hand corner, which will open the menu.

    • Click on the gear button on the left to open the settings.

    • Switch the toggle key on the graphics mode from the automatic to manual mode. Setting it to manual mode will allow you to choose the graphic quality by yourself.

    • To lower the graphics quality, click the ‘-‘ sign on the graphics mode under settings. Set the graphics quality at one bar.
  1. Checking the internet connection:

    • Restart your modem or internet service provider. Roblox is an online multiplayer game, and interrupting an internet connection will be very annoying and affect a player’s experience.
    • If your internet connection is lagging, then you can unplug your modem and allow it to reboot.

    • Shut down all the apps that are connected to the internet. If you have many apps connected to the internet while playing Roblox, you would want to disconnect them.
    • You can also turn off other devices like your smartphone, tablet or consoles, or other streaming devices connected to the internet.

    • Always choose an ethernet connection. If you are connected to a wireless connection, you might want to switch to an ethernet connection by clicking on one port of your modem or router or an ethernet port on the PC, laptop, or another device.

      • Try upgrading your modem or router. If your modem or router is three years old or more, you might want to upgrade your router to provide superfast internet.

    • Upgrade the internet plan. After trying all this, if you are still having trouble with the internet, you should contact your internet service provider and opt for a faster internet plan.

3. Improving the specs:

    • Updating the old graphics card. The game Roblox has always suggested to opt for an AMD Radeon R7 240 with 2GB GPU.
    • If you own a computer that is older than five years old or a laptop that is three years old or more, you have to change the hardware of your computer.
    • The graphics can be adjusted manually without needing any professional help.

    • Upgrade the processor. A 1.6GHz or better and not older than 2005 has been recommended for playing any PC games.

    • Adding more RAM. At least 1GB of RAM is always required for playing games. Every type of computer has its specific type of RAM. Once that is figured out, it’s relatively easy to add the RAM.

4. Delete Textures on Windows:

    • Click on the ‘start’ button.
    • Type‘ run.’
    • Type ‘appdata’ on ‘run’.
    • Click on ‘AppData’ on the address bar.
    • Open ‘local’ > ‘Roblox’ >’ versions’.
    • Click on the latest version.
    • Open ‘platform content’ >’PC’ > ‘texture’
    • Delete all folders
    • Empty your recycle bin
    • Restart the Roblox game


The lagging on Roblox causes great inconvenience for the players and their teammates. Roblox is a multiplayer game, and hence lagging can be a great deal annoying. Lagging in Roblox is no big deal, but you need to check for internal problems when it starts repeating for a longer time. The above-discussed points are a few solutions that can be attempted to try and change the gaming experience. Happy Gaming!

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