Free PSN Codes 2021: How to Get PlayStation Codes?

Enjoy PlayStation with convenient PSN Codes, which let you purchase downloadable games, TV shows, game add-ons, full-length movies, and even premium subscriptions. PSN is a development made by Sony Entertainment that helps the players to evolve from the rudimentary gaming system that was provided in the PS2 in the 2000s.

However, those were fairly cheap and PSN is very expensive. So, many gamers need free PSN codes for this purpose. You surely looking for some new ways to get PSN codes for free. Stop believing some shady websites that claim to generate it for you and follow legitimate ways to get them.

List of Free PSN Codes 2021

Below we have listed a bunch of free PSN codes for you. Feel free to use them without any hesitation!

  2. Z87G-69BA-664G
  3. 9J8E-HYM6-9DS3
  4. AJB3-742E-UKKA
  6. 3T7R-3KS7-5LN3
  8. 85UL-HSSD-F4GL
  10. JCYP-5XYS-ZAD3
  11. L4R2-D4AR-78NK
  12. 28QC-HYAM-Q7ZW
  13. 5K6X-VJNF-FKXW
  14. 7AUA-ZLG9-BM2R
  15. CHFU-8XQ7-EVBG
  16. FDUT-R4UG-5R2Z
  17. WXDW-Z323-QNVG
  18. XQZ8-937L-UZ4F
  19. 3FV7-LB43-X8EZ
  20. DGFH-ZSFV-B7F4
  21. FB3J-HG4X-THQ8
  22. 9FTX-7XDD-FJ7H
  24. KHWP-7QBU-32QH
  25. 5V57-7TCK-V6WU
  27. LMGC-E56J-P89U
  28. BFRW-GFB5-A44W
  30. EXCH-4KM9-847T
  31. 4N84-HAHS-7XYW
  32. FC88-R23M-YKA4
  33. DVLU-QLYF-J58J
  34. VQZ8-F4FS-YLPQ
  35. CEG8-3J9X-HAAS
  36. T7MV-FP9S-XBZ7
  37. TX4F-ZH4A-8N3B
  38. 2DC4-JNN8-DACE
  39. 6Y8Y-VK6S-CQ2V
  40. KJAZ-684Q-VCDV
  41. 5UKJ-82K6-YC5E
  42. 4PX3-HF3N-L739
  43. 8RZ8-GSH2-A2JQ
  44. SBGL-E6XV-TZU8
  46. 9EYW-RQ2B-YXU8
  47. XMZ4-AT3V-GZLS
  48. 2PR9-QRQ9-XUM6
  49. AQFL-3GMD-646G
  50. VDG2-VMGJ-B5QD
  52. 3F7V-98W8-V2UE
  53. PM9E-25XE-QXWZ
  54. W7ES-ZX8H-2ARC
  55. 39UZ-BH7U-MDTR
  56. ZPW9-Z2JK-U532
  57. VG68-4G2V-HKYV
  58. 7VH3-DRGT-67R4
  59. 7BBX-DUHF-G8G9
  60. 52YW-297J-34EE
  61. TZE7-N3DU-DM5J
  62. 5RRV-28N8-BMH6
  63. A7ZC-9T8S-FMHQ
  64. 6GR4-GPD5-VBT4
  65. L3N3-D54P-RVQ8
  66. FM6B-SNYC-P8PD
  67. MJK5-ABWA-KZR4
  68. ZS65-8P7R-DDME
  69. UB9L-HDZL-7C88
  70. LVDX-4PGL-G88D
  71. 9QKX-D3G5-XPDE
  72. RQF5-ZM56-S4EZ
  73. MWKU-RUBC-6KT5
  74. 7K77-SWDJ-47EG
  75. KR2B-U8KL-VTE5
  76. MCHX-E96E-H24H
  77. AN33-9N25-VCTH
  78. F667-VNDZ-E9CG

How To Get Free PSN Codes?

In this article, we have come up with really cool hacks for you if you want to bag a free PSN Code. Choose the one suitable for you and also let us know in the comment section which method worked for you the best.

There are plenty of app/websites that reward you for completing some simple tasks. But we made it easier for you by narrowing down the top 5 apps/website.

1. Reward Points Websites

So there are many Reward Points Websites that can help you in getting rewards to redeem them for a PSN code. If you live in Canada, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. You can opt for this method and earn reward points by completing small tasks.

If you have people who would be interested in this, you can also get rewards for sending them a referral link. And when they open the link, you would get points for that.

2. LifePoints

Lifepoints is a popular survey site that allows us to complete surveys and earn money in order to purchase a PSN Code. You can earn as much as you want according to the price of a PSN Code. You can do tasks at your own pace and convenience.

3. GetUpside

With GetUpside, you can get rewarded for filling gas from a nearby gas station that is listed on their app. Each time you get gas filled up you can get rewards for that. When you visit the gas station and done filling up the gas, you have to get a receipt for that which shows the product or service and the last four digits of your credit card number.

You can also get rewarded with points for participating restaurants and convenience stores. All you need to do is scan your receipt onto the app. Once you get the points you can cash them out for free PSN Codes. Just sign up with GetUpside.

4. PSNRewards

This method is a trusted and genuine way to get free PSN codes and has an official link with the PlayStation Network. PSNReward offers $20 and $30 worth of gift cards.

You need to reach at least 1000 points for it to allow you to redeem your rewards. The minimum amount of gift card which is redeemable is $10. Sign up for PSNRewards and complete the tasks presented to you and enjoy PSN Gift cards.

5. FetchRewards

Now this one is interesting! Don’t we all buy groceries? It is a very common thing, now why should not we get some rewards for that? Rewards for buying groceries? On Fetch Rewards, all you need to do is scan your receipt of local stores or supermarkets, and you will get points for certain products.

We recommend you to look through the Fetch Rewards app before going out for grocery shopping, look for products you are going to buy in the store, and check the brands and when you visit the store buy the item from the same brand.

Then you scan your receipt, you will get points on that. The points you get you can redeem for free PSN Codes very easily.

PSN Code Generator 2021

Well, a simple answer to this question would be YES! We really understand how important it is for you to get a PSN Code. But don’t get swayed away in front of a too good to be true offer. These websites claim that they can generate free PSN codes for you whereas they are going to do nothing for you.

Also, these websites can be dangerous for your device or even can steal your personal information. Try following the legitimate ways we have mentioned in the article to get Free PSN Codes, don’t sacrifice your privacy like this by giving in to such websites.


We hope that by following the methods given in the article, you will be able to grab a free PSN code for yourself. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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