How to Earn Free IMVU Credits? [Generators]

Great IMVU fan? Looking for ways to get your hands on free IMVU credits? You’re at the right place! First, get some information about Credits. Credits are the currency in IMVU, and what you use to buy items for your Avatar in the Catalog. You can buy Credits directly from the Catalog and you can also earn credits in a variety of ways. In this article, we are going to cover the topic of how to earn IMVU Credits in a few easy methods. Let’s get into it without wasting any more time!

How To Earn IMVU Credits?

Below mentioned are some great ways you can earn extra credits on your IMVU account very easily. Most of these steps are by IMVU themselves so you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of these methods, they are all genuine!

1. Complete offers

One way to earn IMVU credits is to complete offers and earn them. You don’t need to go anywhere or install any app, cause your very own IMVU itself provides you offers to complete in order that earns credits.

All you need to do is visit the IMVU offer page, you will then have to log in, and voila! You can now earn credits for completing little offers. You can earn 2000+ credits per offer. How great is it?

2. Watch Videos

You can earn IMVU credits for something as easy as watching videos online and instantly earning about 20+ credits per video you watch. So don’t wait anymore and visit the IMVU website to keep earning from watching short videos.

3. Refer A Friend

You can always refer a friend to join IMVU and earn extra credits and virtual gifts for that. When a friend joins from the invitation code that you get during your sign-up, you get more benefits. Not only you get credits and gifts, but you can now also enjoy playing games, and interacting with them on IMVU! What fun!

4. Login Rewards

You can get few credits for doing something so basic as logging into your IMVU account! You can grab about 500+ credits on IMVU just as a gift of daily login onto your account. What a gift by IMVU!

5. Become a Fan

You can also get your hands on some credits by just liking the Facebook page of IMVU! You will have to link your IMVU with your Facebook account for this. When your IMVU account detects that the Facebook page of IMVU has been liked with your account, they reward you with about 500 Credits!

6. Ibotta

It is a cashback app that rewards you each time your purchase something online. It is said that Ibotta has paid $600 Million+ in cashback. We all do a lot of online shopping, why not do it with Ibotta and get a great amount of cashback.

All you need to do is sign up. Once you signup, you will automatically receive $10, and if any of your friends join Ibotta on your recommendation, you get an extra $5! Well, that’s not it!

If you have shopped in a store and you get an invoice or a bill, you can scan it on Ibotta, and if the brand or product you purchased is listed on Ibotta, you get a great amount of cashback offers hence, you can redeem it for cash and buy credits for IMVU very easily!

Free IMVU Credits Generators 2021

We all want an easy way out for everything in this world. Even for something like earning free credits on IMVU. It’s okay, we are all the same. But it is important to understand the ways we take up in order to get access to free stuff.

All the methods mentioned in this article are 100% genuine and legitimate, meanwhile, there are some websites that try to prey on innocent people like you who believe them by reading a very generous title such as “Free IMVU Credits Generator”.

Well, we hate to inform you that there is no such thing as that, and if you find any such website that claims that they can generate free IMVU credits for you, they are fake and bogus and will try to trap you into completing shady surveys or redirect you to some other shady website or will try to steal your information.

They can also try to plant viruses into your devices. Please be careful with such websites and stay away from such websites as much as possible.


We hope the methods mentioned in this article will get you access to more and more IMVU credits and you enjoy having a great time on IMVU. If you have any further queries with this article, comment below and let us know.

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