Earn Free Google Play Codes: Working List 2021

Tired of searching out the entire Google and not able to find ways through which can get free Google Play Codes? It’s okay! We got your back! In this article, we are going to cover some useful ways through which you can get free Google Play Codes very easily.

Hope on to the article to know-how.

Working Google Play Codes 2021

Below is a list of free google play codes which we are giving away to our honest website readers.

  3. EBYX-J3CW-SH8P-78SZ-573Y
  4. 79M3-F3Q3-BMRQ-4F3F-WFA8
  8. 9VV9-SEEB-HTRC-5M64-Z55G
  10. V88M-W4VJ-5MDV-9WBF-NBGH
  12. 9VV9-SEEB-HTRC-5M64-Z55G
  15. 79M3-F3Q3-BMRQ-4F3F-WFA8
  16. EBYX-J3CW-SH8P-78SZ-573Y
  18. Z9WK-F47D-F6SH-5LPY-HBYX

How To Get Free Google Play Codes?

We have come up with really immaculate ways for you to get free Google Play Codes! Go through the methods below and choose the ones which fit the best for you.

1. SwagBucks

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get free Google Play code. SwagBucks just requires you to complete little tasks like completing online surveys, watching videos and shopping online, etc, and reward you with SB points that you can redeem for a free Amazon Gift Card or a gift card of any other brands too.

You can also redeem it for cash with the help of PayPal. You can easily earn enough SB to get yourself a free Google Play Code. All you need to do is sign up with Swagbucks, complete a demo survey that will earn you 5 SB, and after that, you will get informed each time a new survey arrives. Complete the surveys until you can afford a Google Play Code. How simple!

2. GetUpside

Yes, you can get rewarded for filling gas from a nearby gas station that is listed on GetUpside. Each time you get gas filled up you can get rewards for that. When you visit the gas station and done filling up the gas, you have to get a receipt for that which shows the product or service and the last four digits of your credit card number.

You can also get rewarded with points for participating restaurants and convenience stores. All you need to do is scan your receipt onto the app. Once you get the points you can cash them out for free Google Play Codes. Just sign up with GetUpside

3. Drop App

The Drop App is a mixture of two different kinds of apps mentioned before in the article. It rewards you for completing surveys as well as for shopping online.

All you need to do is link your debit or credit card to this app and shop to different participating variety stores like Walmart, Target, etc and make a purchase through your linked card. You will earn points for every purchase you make and hence you can then redeem the points for free Google Play Code

4. FetchRewards

Now this one is interesting! Don’t we all buy groceries? It is a very common thing, now why should not we get some rewards for that? Rewards for buying groceries? Is that true? Yes! It is! On Fetch Rewards, all you need to do is scan your receipt of local stores or supermarkets, and you will get points for certain products.

We recommend you to look through the Fetch Rewards app before going out for grocery shopping, look for products you are going to buy in the store, and check the brands and when you visit the store buy the item from the same brand.

Then you scan your receipt, you will get points on that. The points you get you can redeem for a Google Play Code very easily.

5. AppBounty

AppBounty is another popular app to complete surveys online and earn points and redeem them easily for Google Play Codes. Don’t worry, AppBounty will not bombard you with surveys.

You can complete surveys until you make enough points to redeem them for cash and get a free Google Play Code and then you can stop completing the surveys.

How to Use the Redeem Code in Play Store?

Now when you have got the ABCDs of the process, we will tell you how to redeem your hard-earned code in Google Play Store. Follow the instructions below to redeem the code.

  • First of all, open Google Play Store on your device.
  • Visit the Rewards section and give a click on Redeem Promo Code.
  • Now, simply enter the code you got.
  • And you’re done!

Google Play Gift Card Code Generators

A simple answer to this question is NO. There is no such thing as a free Google Play Codes Generator, be it for Free Google Play Codes or anything else. All these websites are fake and fraudulent.

You should never visit or use these websites as they can not only be completely useless but also malicious in some way or the other. You will not get what wanted plus you will lose your device and information to them.


So that’s it! These were some uncomplicated and fun ways to get free Google Play Codes. We really hope you will be having a great time following these methods. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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