Free Fire Diamonds Hack 2021: Tricks to Get for Free

Free Fire is one of the most played games nowadays. Every youngster is gaga over this game now. Just like new-age games. Free Fire also has the concept of in-game currencies known as Diamonds and not only this game is about skills but also your achievements with those skills. Of course, you have another level of status amongst your friends if you keep a lot of Free Fire Diamond, you have an exclusive skin in the game. Right? So for you in this article, we are going to give way to some ways you can get Free Fire Diamonds without having to pay the actual money. Don’t know what Free Fire Diamonds actually are? Let us know!

What Are Free Fire Diamonds?

Free Fire Diamonds are no less than gold for young gamers. This allows you to purchase characters, skins, pets, and much more. Yet, this is not just a matter of purchases, more than that the diamonds establishes your status amongst other players.

More and more people try to get in touch with you when you hold a different level of eliteness in the game. But we all know that the diamonds aren’t for free and we understand your desire to be on the popular list of your circle, hence brought you ways you can get Free Fire Diamond, without having to pay anything.

Free Fire Diamonds Hack Generator 2021

If you are looking for easier ways such as Free Fire Diamond Generator Websites, the bad news is there is no shortcut for anything in life and these websites are not going to do anything for you. These websites are all fake and can possibly also turn out to be scam or virus-infecting.

Don’t do this to you and your device! Follow only legitimate and safe ways to get Free Fire Diamond. Stay safe and make your friends aware of this too.

These websites can harm your device big time! Don’t just lose your perfectly-working device in an attempt to get in-game currencies, which anyway you won’t even get with the help of these websites.

Free Ways To Get Free Fire Diamonds

So now when you here, without wasting any more time, we are presenting you free and legitimate ways you can get Free Fire Diamonds.

1. GrabPoints

We all have heard about the GetPaidTo websites which reward us upon completing surveys, installing and playing games, shopping online, and much more. With Grab Points, You can easily make enough points which later you can redeem for money, hence you can now buy your Free Fire Diamonds.

How easy! So get on your gaming headphones and get show off your skills and cosmetics to other people on Free Fire!

2. Google Opinion Rewards

If you are looking for a more trusted website that can reward you for completing small tasks and surveys, our very own Google has one! Google Opinion Rewards, just like other reward websites, will reward you enough to redeem for money and buy Free Fire Diamond from those rewards. And there are no trust issues going on here!

3. YSense

Another GetPaidTo website, YSense also rewards you for completing surveys and other tasks and they are kind of flexible with their payment methods. There are also other payment methods varying the country other than PayPal. You can easily earn enough rewards to redeem it for money and hence, the Free Fire Diamond.

4. SwagBucks

Another Survey website, that rewards you for completing surveys. Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites to complete surveys and small tasks and redeem them for money. You can use these not just for Free Fire Diamonds but also in-game currencies for other games.

How To Purchase Free Fire Diamonds?

If you are looking for a regular method to get it by paying the money. Follow the instructions below on how to buy Free Fire Diamond.

  • Firstly, open Free Fire app on your device.
  • There you will see a Diamond icon in the corner.
  • Select the number of Diamonds you want to buy.
  • Your default payment methods will be available for you to purchase Diamonds.


Hopefully, these methods will be easy for you to follow and get your Free Fire Diamonds. Since the ways mentioned are legitimate you can get as much Diamond as you want unless you are using the fake generator websites to get them. So stay safe! If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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