How To Fix Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged Error?

Chromebook OS is one of the most easy-to-use and light operating systems out there. It is significantly fast and simple. Chrome OS is a web-based operating system.  So none of your files are on your desktop ever as it is a club-based application so you can use it anywhere you like. This leads us to believe that there would never be many issues to use it. But you may have just seen a “Missing or Damaged” error on your Chrome OS and you are scared of what has happened, will you ever get access to it again? You don’t need to worry about it!

This message is pretty common amongst Chrome OS users and you’re not just the one facing it. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can fix that. So in this article, we are going to present you the ways you can fix the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error. Without wasting any more time let’s get straight into it!

Why Do You See “Chrome OS is Missing Or Damaged” Message?

There’s no one specific reason this message might have shown up on your screen. This usually shows up during the start-up, the reasons vary from device to device. This message can also show up out of nowhere on your screen. In such cases, we need to know how can we fix it. Read more to know-how.

How To Fix Chrome OS Is Missing Or Damaged Error?

Before getting to know the ways, we will first have to know why such error messages pop up


1. Fix The Chrome OS Is Missing Or Damaged Error

To fix this error, follow these steps.

1. Reboot/Restart

  • To reboot the device, Turn on and then turn off your device.
  • Hold the power button and let the device get switched off, then wait for a moment to turn on

2. Reset Settings

  • If you are logged-in on your Chromebook, reset the settings
  • It will make your device to its factory settings, but you will lose your files
  • In that case, you can store a back-up of your files

3. Reinstall

  • At last, if you are still facing the issue, you will have to uninstall the OS
  • Reinstall and try to freshly start it again. It is going to completely erase your files.

Don’t know how to reinstall Chromebook? Refer to the instructions given below

To install Chrome OS on your device, you will need

  • The relevant version of Windows/MacOS/ChromeOS
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Hard Drive with enough space

To install Chromebook OS,

  • Open your Google Chrome browser
  • Visit the Chrome Web Store and Search for Chromebook Recovery Utility
  • Select the Add To Chrome option and launch the program
  • Provide your Chromebook model number either by typing or choosing from the list
  • A pop up will appear asking OS permission to make changes to the USB drive or SD card, select Yes or Allow.
  • Plug your USB Drive/SD Card and follow the instructions to install Chromebook on your USB/SD Card
  • Once you’re done, you can remove your USB/Card
  • Turn on the power of your Chromebook
  • Press the ESC+REFRESH button on your keyboard and the recovery mode will be on
  • You will see the “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error message
  • Insert your USB Drive/SD Card
  • Once your plugin, it should work fine from now

2. Quick Reset

If you don’t want to follow the long process, you can also try a quick reboot and see if it helps

  • Sign out of your Chromebook account
  • On the login page, Press ctrl +alt + Shift + R

  • A prompt will show up asking “Reset this Chrome device”
  • Press ctrl+alt+shift+R again
  • Press the powerwash and revert button on your screen
  • The on-screen instructions can further guide you
  • And you’re done with your quick reset


We hope by following these instructions, you will be able to regain access to your Chromebook and the error message will not appear again. It is advised that you should beforehand sync all your local files to your Google Drive account before carrying out the recovery or reinstallation process, so you don’t lose all your files after the fix. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know or visit

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