15 Best SNES Emulators for Android and PC

SNES Classics is one of the most remembered and most loved games of all time, but also hard to find nowadays. So you’re one of the old souls who are not much into the new generation variety games and want to go back to your childhood and enjoy the evergreen SNES Classics but having a hard time finding SNES Emulators online which is safe too?

You could also be totally unaware of what SNES Classics are and want to try something you have never tried before. Amongst the chaos complex and skilled-required games, you just need a simple game you can enjoy! No worries! In this article, we are going to tell you the 15 best SNES Emulator online.

But first of all, for all our newbies, let us know what are SNES Emulators.

What Are SNES Emulators?

SNES Emulators (Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulators) is a software emulator that allows you to play the Nintendo Classic Games on any device. You would not have to buy the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System and that gives you the experience of playing it without having to spend a massive amount on it! If you don’t know what an Emulator is, basically a software version of a hardware device that acts as another device on your own computer, without having to purchase it.

Using a SNES Emulator is the best approach since it doesn’t cost you much, it is also available for free at some website and it is a completely safe option. So now when you know what a SNES Emulator is, It is your time to enjoy the Nintendo Classics!

Best SNES Emulators 2021

So let’s come to the point and present to you the most popular SNES Emulator of all time! Let the gaming begin!

1. RetroArch

RetroArch allows you to play your own favorite Nintendo Games on multiple platforms like GameCube, Nintendo Wii, and Sega Dreamcast. It might be for archival games, but their websites and features absolutely advanced and easy to use, especially for the newbie SNES explorers to surf on.

Not just that! The advancements of RetroArch are hand-in-hand with current trends and technologies. The RetroArch Emulator allows our new age gamers and streamers to stream live on Twitch & Youtube! So if you are planning to start your own YouTube Gaming Channel and want to stream classic games, RetroArch is best for you!

2. SNES9x

Tired of those ads on SNES Emulators? SNES9x is one of a kind emulator that has no ads on their platform, how amazing! isn’t it?¬†SNES9x not only has all the gems of the old times but also gives you some pre-loaded games to enjoy on your emulator. It is also known to be one of the best SNES Emulator

3. BizHawk

Known for its compatibility with multiple platforms, Bizhawk is one of the most popular and best SNES emulator. Bizhawk is specially designed for speedruns. So you want content for your gaming channel or simply love playing speedruns, you can Bizhawk and enjoy unlimited games on their platforms

4. Higan

Higan is one of the best SNES emulators, it was formerly known as BSNES. It is known for its close accuracy with the original SNES device. That feels like you are actually playing on the original Super Nintendo games and not just on an emulator.

5. Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE, just like Higan is also known for the close accuracy with the original Super Nintendo interface. It is known for its smooth and convenient user interface. Nestopia is an easy-to-setup Emulator without any extra trouble



If you want to enjoy a good quality SNES emulator in a portable way, SNEX9x EX+ is designed for Android devices. With its classic interface just like the old times, SNES9X EX+ has a fast and smooth UI too! With great features like in-game controls and save state options. SNEX9X EX+ is as great for an Android as for a PC.

7. NES.emu

Cheat Support, Save State, On-Screen Controls are a few of the great features of NES.emu. It is made for Android devices. NES.Emu is compatible with a USB/Bluetooth connection. So you can enjoy your favorite games in the old childhood way with a console!

8. OpenEmu

An iOS user? Looking for great SNES emulators for your MAC device? OpenEmu is certainly your destination for Super Nintendo Games on your MAC. With its swift and smooth UI, just go on and enjoy the games. Don’t worry about the version of MAC you use since OpenEmu is available on all versions of MAC.

15 Best SNES Emulators 2021

To make it convenient for you if you are looking for more options, mentioned below are all 15 of the best SNES emulators.

  1. RetroArch
  2. SNES9X
  3. Bizhawk
  4. Higan
  5. Nestopia UE
  6. SNES9X EX+
  7. NES.emu
  8. OpenEmu
  9. John NESS
  10.  PPSSPP
  11. Classic Boy
  12. SuperRetro16
  13. ePSXe
  14. EmuBox
  15. Nogba


Isn’t it amazing? How you can enjoy the many famous classic games on your device, without having to spend money on anything? Hope this article was helpful. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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